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Advantages of nylon resin hoses

Released on Nov. 06, 2022

Compared with other hydraulic hoses, nylon resin hoses have different materials: nylon resin hoses consist of a high quality smooth resin inner wall and high quality cover layer made of nylon material, generally speaking, nylon resin hoses have two methods to reinforce: fiber reinforced and steel wire reinforced. And compared with other pneumatic hoses, nylon resin hoses have more advantages. As a professional manufacturer of hydraulic hoses, we share it with you:

1.High strength, high toughness, high tensile and compressive strength

Nylon resin hoses have a strong ability to absorb the impact force, higher compressive strength than that of metal and have similar tensile strength to metal. In addition, nylon resin hoses have outstanding performance in fatigue resistance, the mechanical strength won't change after repeated bending.

2.Good resistant to heat

High quality nylon material have a high softening point, generally can continuously work at a 150℃ temperature.

3.Good wear-resistance

Nylon resin hoses have a smooth nylon cover and a small friction coefficient. Therefore, they have good wear-resistance.

4.Good electrical performance

Nylon resin hoses have excellent electric insulation because the nylon material have high electric-resistance and breakdown voltage, in this case, nylon resin hoses have good electrical insulation even in high humidity environments.

5.Good corrosion-resistance and lazy to many substance

Nylon resin hoses have good corrosion resistance to alkali, salt chemical solution, weak acid, gasoline, aromatic compounds, but nylon resin hoses can't be used to convey strong acid and oxidizer.

Furthermore, nylon resin hoses are of non-toxic and tasteless, have good weather and mold resistant, and they also have resistant to the erosion of grease, gasoline and alcohol.

6.Short production cycle and high efficiency

In the molten state of the nylon material, the melt viscosity is low, meanwhile the fluidity and the freezing point is high, and the solidification is fast, so the molding cycle is short, and the production efficiency is high.

The above shows the advantages of nylon resin hoses. Hong Xiang is a professional nylon resin hoses manufacturer and exporter in China, whatever your needs, you can leave a message to us.

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