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Differences between high pressure and low pressure hydraulic hoses

Released on Sep. 22, 2022

With the development of the craftsmanship of rubber, at present, there are various kinds of hydraulic hoses on market, but they are also generally divided into several types by the pressure they can withstand such as high pressure hydraulic hoses and low pressure hydraulic hoses. Therefore, have a good understand of these is necessary.

1.The classification standard of hydraulic hoses by pressure

For low pressure hydraulic hoses, it can withstand pressure up to 1.6MPa, high pressure hydraulic hoses can withstand pressure of 10-100MPa, and if the pressure is in between, then it is called a medium pressure hose; if the pressure exceed 100MPa, it is called a super high pressure hydraulic hose.

2.Distinguish the two by usage

Due to the pressure the hydraulic hoses can withstand are different, the liquid speed they can apply are also different. Low pressure hydraulic hoses are often used for oil transfer ports with low pressure, while high pressure hydraulic hoses can withstand high pressure, and are generally suitable for hydraulic systems that require fast oil delivery to ensure good operation of the machine.

3.Distinguish the two by structure

The production process of the high pressure hydraulic hoses is more complicated. The high pressure hose is generally braided or spiraled reinforced by multiple layers of steel wire to improve the pressure hoses can withstand. But for low pressure hydraulic hoses, generally, wire or cloth is added to the skeleton layer is enough.

In addition, the selection of proper pressure hydraulic hoses suitable for your business is also essential, the hoses can withstand higher pressure will decline the working efficiency while the lower pressure hoses may occur a failure such as a burst during usage.

The above are some knowledge of distinguishing high pressure hydraulic hoses and low pressure hydraulic hoses, hope these will helpful to you when selecting and purchasing. Hongxiang can provide high pressure hydraulic hoses with various pressures, if you have any needs, you can view our products list and contact us.

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