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Differences between rubber air hoses and PVC air hoses

Released on Oct. 18, 2022

Air hose is a kind of industrial hoses commonly used in air compressors, pneumatic devices, mining and construction, etc. The inner rubber materials are generally NBR, PVC, SBR, and can be divided into rubber air hoses and PVC air hoses. Usually there are strict requirements for pressure.

PVC Air Hose

The PVC air hoses are very stable and have good friction resistance, but meanwhile it has many disadvantages. It is not as flexible as hoses with other materials. Under the condition of pressure, it is easier to break. In addition, if the oil of the air compressor enters into the hoses, it will act together with the heat generated by the compressed air to accelerate the corrosion of the PVC material.

Rubber Air Hose:

Rubber air hoses are generally composed of nitrile rubber and polyurethane, reinforced by high-strength steel wire, and rubber air hoses are also available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Rubber air hoses generally have a longer lifespan and are more durable than PVC air hoses when used under the expected conditions of use. In addition, the rubber air hoses are softer and more flexible, so it is more convenient to use.

The main difference between the PVC air hoses and rubber air hoses

The advantages of rubber air hoses are mainly as follows: light weight, not easy to kink, safer, but easy to curl and higher cost;

The advantage of PVC air hose is that it is cheap, but it does not work with a long lifespan and is easy to kink;

As a purchaser, you can choose a more cost-effective air hose according to your application scenario. As a manufacturer, we also provide high quality high pressure rubber air hoses, welcome to inquire.

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