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Excavator hydraulic oil hose assembly manufacturer

Released on Oct. 08, 2022

Hydraulic oil hose assemblies for excavators contain the following two parts: hydraulic oil hoses and joint fittings. And the introduction of hydraulic oil hoses from our factory is as below:


Inner Tube: It is made of oil-resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant synthetic rubber.

Reinforcement layer: high tensile steel wire braided or wounded, making the hose highly resistant to high pressure, generally the reinforcement layer num is 1 to 6.

Cover layer: Premium resistant synthetic rubber, two different materials are available: smooth rubber and cloth rubber.

Excavator hydraulic oil hose assembly structure


Its inner rubber layer makes hydraulic oil hoses have good oil resistance, weather resistance, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, ozone resistance, and aging, the inner rubber layer also protects the reinforcing steel wire from erosion and sustain the pressure of the transmitted liquid.

The outer rubber surface has two different materials: smooth rubber surface and cloth rubber surface, which can protect the steel wire from damage, and also make the hydraulic oil hoses have good wear resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance and sunlight resistance;

Reinforcing layers are used in different scenarios according to different production progress and different material compositions.


Hydraulic oil hoses can also be called high pressure rubber hose or high pressure oil hose and etc., It is used in scenarios that need to transport high-pressure oil-based liquids. Excavators are one of the most commonly used equipment scenarios. In addition, hydraulic oil hoses are often used in mining equipment, agricultural machinery, engineering construction, oil field development, and various automated hydraulic systems.

Excavator hydraulic oil hose assembly application


For oil-based liquids, the working temperature that the hydraulic oil hoses can withstand is -40℃~100℃(-40℉~212℉)

Hydraulic oil hoses' inner diameter size range: DN5mm-102mm

The pressure range that the hydraulic oil hoses can bear: up to 70MPa

Common models of excavator hydraulic oil hoses:

Steel wire braided reinforced hydraulic oil hoses:

1SC 2SC 1SN 2SN R5 R16 R17

Steel wire spiraled reinforced hydraulic oil hoses:

4SP 4SH R12 R13 R15

Our strengths:

Hongxiang provides a variety of hydraulic oil hose assemblies with various types. Welcome to consult. As an OEM source factory, we will also provide products with competitive prices and also provide customized services.

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