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Four steps help you choose suitable high pressure air hose

Released on Oct. 16, 2022

1.Consider the length: working distance between machines

To choose the appropriate length of the high pressure air hose, you first need to know the distance between your installation equipment and your piping method; generally, you need to choose a hose which length is longer than the installation distance because the hose needs to be installed loosely. In terms of hose length, you also need to pay attention that for compressed air hoses, the longer the length, the more pressure will loss, so you also need to consider the length of the easy-to-use, and keep a balance of usability and pressure loss.

2.Consider the inside diameter of the hose: how much airflow do you have?

Selecting the proper high pressure air hose inner diameter requires you to know about the airflow of the air delivery system and the interface dimensions of other connected equipment. Generally speaking, the requirement of airflow on the inner diameter should also be considered combined with the required length. For high pressure air hoses of the same length, the larger the inner diameter, the more quantity of the airflow; for high pressure air hoses of the same inner diameter, the longer length, the less airflow. But it is also not necessary to blindly choose a high pressure air hose that exceeds the demand, which may reduce efficiency or cause unnecessary cost.

3.Consider working pressure: what is the maximum pressure of the whole system?

The high-pressure air hose is reinforced by braiding or winding of high tensile steel wire, so it has a large pressure range. Considering the working pressure of the high pressure air hoses, it is necessary to first consider the maximum working pressure of the entire pneumatic system, and the pressure of the high pressure air hoses cannot be below this, of course, you can also choose to use a safety valve to control the maximum pressure value of the entire pipeline system.

4.Consider the hose material: does the work environment have special requirements?

If your work environment has special conditions and requirements, you need to take this into account, for example, use in cold or hot conditions, in environments with high friction, you need to consider other materials or add protection.

The above are the four steps to consider when choosing a suitable compressed air hose, I hope to help you in your choice. We are a professional manufacturer of high pressure air hoses. If you have difficulty in choosing, you can also contact us to purchase.

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