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How to choose porper high pressure steam hoses assembly?

Released on Sep. 12, 2022

There are many factors to consider when choosing a high pressure steam hose for your application, here are the main ones:


The length, inner diameter, outer diameter of the high pressure steam hoses you need.

2.Working Conditions:

Your application's steam type, working temperature, working pressure and other external working conditions (weather, friction, etc.), ensure safe use of the high pressure steam hoses.

3.Hose material:

Make sure the selected hoses material is suitable for your working conditions, will not react with the fluids it comes in contact with and is resistant to water and steam.

4. Frequency of use:

Determine if your high pressure steam hose is used occasionally or continuously, in that case more failures could occur, and you should choose high pressure steam hoses with higher quality.

5. Hoses installation:

Whether your high pressure steam hose is installed straight or bent decides the length you need to purchase and the joints you need to choose.

The above are the common questions about the selection of high pressure steam hose assembly. Hongxiang have many years experience in manufacturing high pressure steam hoses, if you have any questions that you don't understand, you can contact us to answer them.

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