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How to use compressed air hoses safely

Released on Oct. 14, 2022

Compressed air is very common in industrial occasion. The machines, cylinders and hydraulic systems of mechanical equipment in factories are inseparable from compressed air to provide power. In addition, compressed air is more common in cleaning activities, which can effectively achieve cleaning effect.

But common compressed air is also extremely unsafe. Compressed air will generate extremely high pressure, and this impact force will cause serious damage to the human's body, in the case of minor injuries, it may occur swelling and pain to the skin; in severe cases, it may tear the skin blood, and cause coma even death. In particular, it can cause serious damage to the delicate organs such as eyes, ears, and mouth.

Therefore, when using compressed air hoses, you need to pay attention to the following points:

-1- Control the pressure when doing cleaning work

When using a compressed air hose for cleaning work, it is necessary to limit the use pressure from the source. Generally speaking, cleaning work can be achieved below 30psi. Of course, it is not to say that there is no danger at all, and you still need to pay attention to safety when using it;

-2- Users should take protective measures

When using a compressed air hose, be sure not to let the compressed air contact the skin, but this is difficult to achieve by paying attention to the use method, so the better way to reduce the risk is to let the user take protective measures: the user should wear protective clothing, use goggles, mask or earplugs for your own safety;

-3- Reduce tripping risk

When the hose is in use, sometimes it will not be in a fixed position, so pay attention to the arrangement of the compressed air hose: try not to place it in a place with high traffic, install it on the reel as neatly as possible, and store it above the head if possible.

-4- Regularly check the compressed air hoses

When storing compressed air hoses, you should also pay attention to regular inspections, especially before you need to use them, make sure that the compressed air hoses are safe before putting them into use. The safety of its accessories should also be checked before use to avoid other risks. For any damages, they should be replaced in time.

-5- Once danger occurs, cut off the source of risk in time

In the process of use, in the event of a dangerous situation such as burst to the hose, the air supply should be immediately cut off at the source to avoid risks.

In addition to these precautions mentioned above, you can also choose other tools such as regulators to create a safer use environment. Creating a safe use environment reduces the likelihood of dangerous and costs, so why not do it?

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