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Precautions when crimping fittings of hydraulic rubber hoses

Released on Sep. 30, 2022

To crimp hose fittings to hydraulic hoses, people generally use crimping machines. Hose crimping machines are a kind of equipment specially used to crimp fittings for hydraulic rubber hoses with various sizes and types in construction machines, vehicles, hydraulic systems and other industries.

Precautions when crimping fittings of hydraulic rubber hoses

The working principle of the crimping machine:

The matching metal fittings are crimped on the hydraulic hose by the shrinking force exerted by the crimping machine.

When the hydraulic hose is crimping, too large, too small or too fast crimping will all cause a bad crimping effect:

If the crimping amount is too small, the crimping between the fitting and the hose will be too loose, which may cause the fitting to slip off during use;

If the crimping amount is too large and the crimping is too tight, the inner layer of the hose may be damaged, the conveying medium will leak into the steel wire layer, causing corrosion of the steel wire layer, and the hose may rupture over time.

If the crimping speed is too fast, it may cause damage to the steel wire layer or the inner rubber layer during the crimping process, which will lead to the same problem as when the crimping is too tight and premature damage during use.

The correct crimping standard should be to ensure that the fitting will not fall off and the inner rubber layer of the hose will not be damaged, but to ensure that both requirements are met at the same time, it is necessary to select a crimping machine with a suitable taper and find a suitable crimping pressure.

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