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Sealings play an important role in hydraulic hose fittings

Released on Sep. 28, 2022

To ensure a normal operation of a hydraulic system, the sealing device is an essential and indispensable part. And for hydraulic rubber hoses used in hydraulic system, the sealing performance of hydraulic rubber hose fittings is not to be ignored.

The sealing ways of hydraulic rubber hose fittings is generally achieved by tightening the internal and external threads, and some types of fittings need to be sealed with sealing rings.

So what's the function of sealing parts of hydraulic rubber hose fittings?

First, avoid letting the dust and other tiny object which will lead to a friction and leakage entry the hoses

Second, avoid the leakage of the transported fluid, this will reduce the possibility of waste and pollution of the hydraulic system.

Last, avoid the hydraulic system can not reach the pressure of the system required and decrease the working efficiency of hydraulic rubber hose assembly.

The normal operation of the hydraulic rubber hose system sealing device is also inseparable from the following factors:

1.the speed of transported fluid

2.the working pressure of the system

3.the temperature of the system

4.the character of the transported fluid

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