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Specifications of compressed air hose

Released on Oct. 21, 2022

As a professional compressed air hose manufacturer, we will share with you the knowledge about compressed air hose specifications.

1. Classification of compressed air hoses

Compressed air hoses are also called rubber air hoses or air hoses. According to working pressure, working temperature and application industry classification standards, they are classified as follows:

1.1 Classification according to working pressure level

Compressed air hoses can be divided into low-pressure air hoses, medium-pressure air hoses and high-pressure air hoses;

1.2 Classification according to working temperature

Can be divided into high temperature air hose, ordinary air hose;

1.3 Classification according to the equipment used

Some equipment can only use certain types of compressed air hoses, so according to the equipment used, there can be special air hoses for rock drills, special air hoses for air compressors, and air hoses for air pumps.

2. Application of compressed air hoses

Generally speaking, air hoses are more used in air compressors and air pumps to transport compressed air or inert gas;

There are also many industries in which compressed air hoses are used, such as mining, architecture, machinery manufacturing, air compressors, etc.;

Compressed air hoses are generally used in a temperature environment of -20℃~45℃;

2. Features of compressed air hoses

The outer rubber layer of the compressed air hose is made of high-quality synthetic rubber, which has good wear resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance and other characteristics;

The reinforcement layer of the compressed air hose is made of 1-2 layers of high-strength steel wire or fiber braided, which makes the air hose have high compressive strength, more flexibility and less deformation;

The above are some common specifications and knowledge of compressed air hoses. If you have any needs, you can send the technical parameters you need to our mailbox, and we will provide you with quotation materials as soon as possible.

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