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The reasons of the failures of hydraulic hoses for mining

Released on Oct. 29, 2022

Under normal circumstances, the hydraulic hoses for mining support equipment are composed of various types and specifications of high pressure hydraulic assemblies, and are used in a large amount. Therefore, there are many failure manifestations of high pressure hydraulic hose assemblies, the reasons for failure are also various and complicated, but the common reasons can be basically classified into the following two types: quality reasons and system reasons.

The reasons of the failures of hydraulic hoses for mining can be summarized as follows:

The quality reasons

1.the quality of hydraulic hoses and fittings is not qualified

When selecting and purchasing hydraulic hoses for mining, the quality of the hydraulic hoses should be selected with a serious attitude, hydraulic hoses are the lifelines of almost all construction equipment and hydraulic system, and some factory will manufacture low-quality hydraulic hoses to save the cost, but this will lead to the failure in actual application.

2.the hydraulic hoses assemblies are exceeded lifetime used

Though you choose the hydraulic hoses assemblies with high quality, if you install and use beyond its lifespan, it will also be a hidden danger to your system. The general lifespan of hydraulic hoses is two years after leaving the factory, and hydraulic hoses may break up during use, so regular check is also necessary.

The system reasons

1.The pressure from the pump of the hydraulic system is high

The pressure of the hydraulic system is often very high, and the speed of the liquid is very fast, this will cause the high pressure hose to be in a state of fatigue. Especially for the main hydraulic hoses, the sealing ring and the other weak structure of the hoses will occur failures in a high frequency.

2.Special chemical properties of the conveying medium

The emulsion medium has high density and relatively poor corrosion resistance, especially the PH of water quality in different mining areas is very different, and the management in use is not strict. In the immersion, the rubber will inevitably deteriorate, harden and age.

3.The working conditions will affect

Due to the use characteristics of mining equipment, the transmission medium is easy to entrain gas, and cavitation is prone to occur, which will lead to an increase in pressure peaks. in addition. The cleanliness of the conveyed medium is low, and it is easy to damage the inner rubber and fittings of the hydraulic hoses for mining under impact, which will accelerate the corrosion of the hydraulic hoses and reduce its life, resulting in leakage.

Taking coal mines as an example, the production environment of coal mines has a lot of dust, high humidity, and water is weakly alkaline. The vibrating pipeline rubs against environmental objects, which causes the rubber on the surface of the high-pressure hose to wear, and the anti-corrosion layer on the surface of the fitting assembly falls off, which promotes the damage process.

4.The installation of hydraulic hoses assemblies is unreasonable

In normal situations, the hydraulic hoses will endure a certain pressure. Wrong methods of installation will lead to the system is in a long term of extra pressure, in this case the lifespan of the hydraulic hoses is decreased.

The above is some of the reasons for the failure of the hydraulic hose assembly for mining, I hope it can be used as a reference.

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