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Three misunderstandings when purchasing hydraulic hoses

Released on Oct. 06, 2022

When purchasing hydraulic rubber hoses, based on the principle of selecting the cost-effective hoses, people often make a choice based on price alone and regardless of many other factors, there we describe the factors:

1.Don't make a choice based on price alone

This is one of the most common mistakes we meet. Most customers only consider the price when choosing the hydraulic rubber hoses. Of course, depending on the cost, the pricing is very different, but the most suitable one is the best, and the expensive price is still possible to buy hoses of poor quality or unsuitable for the application, so consider your application more than just price.

2.Regardless of the installation and tubing routing method

The second common mistake is that the installation and tubing routing method is not considered in advance before purchasing. If you do not consider this factor, you may find that the length of the hoses you purchase is not enough, or the bending radius cannot meet the requirements; therefore, you should consider your various problems that may occur in application scenarios, so that the purchase of hydraulic hoses is more purposeful, and the merchant will also help you choose hoses with longer lifespan.

3.Misjudging the wear resistance of the hose

Generally speaking, the outer rubber layer of the hydraulic hose will not be damaged during the service life. If there is not much friction occurs in your application, you do not need to purchase additional protection items to reduce friction; but if your application does have a higher possibility to occur fiction, just using exposed hydraulic rubber hoses will inevitably shorten their life, in which case adding hydraulic rubber hose protection is critical.

The above three misunderstandings are the wrong ideas that customers often have when purchasing hydraulic rubber hoses, it is not easy but not difficult to choose the right hoses. The more you take consideration, the more likely you are to make the right choice. As a manufacturer and exporter with many years of experience, Hongxiang provides a variety of high-quality hydraulic rubber hose products, you can consult us with your detailed requirements.

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