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Three ways help you save the cost of hydraulic rubber hoses assembly

Released on Sep. 18, 2022

Hydraulic rubber hose assemblies are important components in industry hydraulic system, but also are consumables. Therefore, to save procurement fee, you should not only consider the price of hydraulic rubber hoses itself, but you also should take various factors into consideration such as the shorten lifespan and the invisible cost caused by the failure of the hoses.

1.Select high quality hydraulic hoses assembly

First of all, you should select hydraulic hoses assembly with high quality and suitable for your application.For industrial machinery, compared with the price, a safe working environment and excellent working performance are more noticed. Therefore, selecting good quality and suitable hoses assembly is vital, and is the basic way to save the procurement fee. What’s more, for industrial machinery which requires higher standard, higher quality hydraulic rubber hoses should be selected, although the price seems more expensive, but high quality hydraulic rubber hoses also have a longer lifespan. Take a long-term perspective, high quality and suitable hydraulic rubber hoses will save the cost.

select high quality hydraulic hoses

2.Install in correct ways

In addition to selecting and purchasing hydraulic rubber hoses with high quality and suitable technical parameter, correct ways for installation and maintenance of hydraulic hoses should also be noticed. Correct installation reduces failures of hydraulic rubber hose assembly, and meanwhile the lifespan is extended, so the cost of hydraulic rubber hose assembly will be saved. The correct ways of installation can refer to the article: Tips of installation of hydraulic rubber hose.

Install in correct ways

3.Do regular inspection

During daily use, regular inspection and maintenance is very necessary. You should pay attention to the working and storing conditions: clean hydraulic hoses regularly; avoid place hydraulic rubber hose assembly in the operation environment which exceeds the required pressure and temperature and has flammable and explosive objects, sharp objects and corrosives. Notice the above tips to prevent failure and short lifespan of hydraulic rubber hose assembly.

Do regular inspection

The above are some ways to save the cost of purchasing hydraulic rubber hoses. If you need to purchase hose assembly, Hong Xiang will be your good choice. We provide a complete pre-sale purchase guide to help you choose a hydraulic hose assembly suitable for your application, you can leave your inquiry for a reply.

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