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Tips During the Installation of High Pressure Rubber Hose

Released on Jun. 25, 2022

There are various types and structures of high pressure rubber hoses, and the duration of depreciation varies depending on the conditions of use. The life of the high pressure rubber hose does not only depend on the quality of the product and whether the structure is more durable, but also whether it is used correctly is also an important factor. If it is not used properly, it will not only shorten the life of the high pressure rubber hose, but also cause the hose to fail and cause unnecessary losses or accidents.

Therefore, during the installation process, the correct installation method also needs to be paid attention to:

1. Pipe arrangement method: When the hose is connected in a straight way, it is necessary to ensure that the hose has a certain degree of slack, because during the use process, it is necessary to avoid the change of its own length caused by pressure. In addition, since the adjustment of the length of the high pressure rubber hose itself will affect the joint, it may also cause friction between the outside of the hose and the equipment, so the slack length should not be too long.

2. Avoid twisting: When installing, avoid twisting the hose, and the bending radius of the hose should not be less than the minimum bending radius, otherwise it will cause damage to the hose and cause losses.

3. Hose joints: Choose the appropriate joints according to the pipe arrangement method. Correct selection of joints can reduce the distortion of the high pressure rubber hose and reduce the waste of the length of the hose.

4. Use pipe clamps: In the process of pipe arrangement, the high pressure rubber hose may cause contact with equipment or other surfaces. Reasonable selection of pipe clamps can play a fixed support role, maintain overall stability, and reduce damage due to friction. In addition, the effect can also be achieved by adding a protective cover to the high pressure rubber hose.

5. Functionality first: The overall design of the hoses should first consider functionality and safety. On the premise that the system can be used safely, consider the ease of use and aesthetics.

Correct use and maintenance are an important factor in maintaining lifespan. Following the above principles can largely avoid shortening the life of high pressure rubber hose.

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