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What helps to avoid the failure of hydraulic hose assembly for mining

Released on Oct. 31, 2022

The hydraulic hose assembly for mining is composed of a large number of hydraulic rubber hose assemblies of various types and sizes, and the reasons for the failure are also various and complicated. Mining is a time-consuming, continuous and large-scale work. In large-scale mining sites, exposed hydraulic hoses with hundreds of meters long can be seen everywhere, and any failure will increase safety hazards, and may cause equipment to stop running, affecting the normal operation of the work and increasing the cost. In addition, if it is repaired or replaced in a harsh environment, it may be contaminated and affect the work effect.

So what are the solutions when meet circumstances of failure of hydraulic hoses for mining?

As analyzed in the article: The reasons of the failures of hydraulic hoses for mining, the failure causes of hydraulic hose assemblies for mines can be divided into two types: quality reasons and system reasons. Then we can also find solutions from these two aspects.

System factors are determined by the composition of the system, and its impact is difficult to improve in the short term.

Therefore, it can be considered that the key to eliminating the failure of the hydraulic hose assemblies for mining is to strengthen the quality control of the hydraulic hose assembly in all aspects of manufacturing, design and use.

1.Choose the proper and high quality hydraulic hose assemblies for mining

Select the appropriate hydraulic hose assembly and strengthen the factory inspection. Strict inspection is required to ensure that the factory indicators of the hydraulic hose meet the relevant standard requirements. Make sure that the high pressure hose is working properly.

2.Strengthen the management of storage process

Strengthen the management of hydraulic hoses in the storage process, follow the correct transportation and storage principles to ensure the quality of hoses.

3.Apply the correct installation methods

During the installation and use of the hydraulic hose assembly, follow the correct installation method and assembly angle to ensure the normal lifespan of the hoses, and control the quality of the emulsion to avoid accidental corrosion and damage to the hoses.

4.Check the quality of hydraulic hoses assemblies regular

Regularly check the quality of the hydraulic hose assembly in use, and replace the damaged hydraulic hose assembly in time to avoid losses.

Following the above principles, the failure of hydraulic hoses for mining can be largely avoided. And we can provide high quality hydraulic hoses assemblies, you could leave a message to let me know.

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