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When should you replace your hydraulic hoses

Released on Sep. 26, 2022

Hydraulic hoses are the lifelines of almost all industrial equipment, so the quality of hydraulic hoses will affect the operation efficiency of hydraulic system. A broken hydraulic hose will not only delay your operation schedules but also increase the cost. While the breakup of the hydraulic hoses is unexpected, so in that case, you should check regularly and replace the hydraulic hose showing signs of break in time.

And when should you replace the hydraulic hoses? Say another way, how to recognize signs of damage to hydraulic hoses?

Firstly, like other products, hydraulic hoses also have its own life, and according to the types of hydraulic hoses, it may start to occur cracks and leaks around the fittings, and for the low-quality hydraulic hoses, this process will be faster. Therefore, if the hydraulic hose exceeds the service life, please replace it immediately, otherwise there will be great hidden dangers.

Besides, during the period of use, various problems may occur that cause work to be suspended. There are many potential signs of damage you can spot with the naked eye, generally speaking, the following symptoms can indicate imminent failure of hydraulic hoses:

1. There is moisture around the hose, which means the hose has started to leak

2. Cracks appear on the rubber surface, resulting in wear or loss of elasticity

You will never predict how long can the hoses use, so once find these signs, it is recommended to replace as soon as possible.

What’s more, according to statistics, more than three-quarters of the rubber hoses in the hydraulic system are broken due to external friction. In the face of this situation, on the one hand, we can choose to buy a rubber hose with a cloth outer layer, or add a protective cover to the hydraulic hose. On the other hand, we need to pay attention to the installation method to reduce the areas that hoses may rub against each other.

So we recommend you three points:

-1-Select hydraulic hoses with protection parts and follow correct installation principles

-2-Check the hydraulic hoses regularly and notice the abnormal signs

-3-Replace the hydraulic hoses with broken signs

We provide high quality cloth rubber outer layer hydraulic hoses which have better wear-resistance, you can contact online to get a factory price.

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