Rubber Extraction Rod

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Rubber Extraction Rod

Rubber extraction rod is a new type of mandrel for forming small diameter holes in concrete members. It is mainly designed for forming small prestressed holes on bridges, and can also be used for forming holes in concrete in other construction industries. It uses its high strength, high elasticity and incompressibility of rubber volume to work. When the rod is axially stressed, it will elongate in the axial direction and naturally bend in the radial direction. 


Features of Rubber Extraction Rod

1. It can be used repeatedly for 100-200 times, which is economical and cost-effective, and greatly reduces the construction cost.

2. The hole wall is smooth, the size is accurate, and the hole forming precision is high.

3. It can be pulled out at any time during the initial setting of concrete

4. It can be pulled out by human strength, hoist and engineering vehicle

5. It can be rolled and bent into bundles, which is very convenient for transportation and storage

How to use Rubber Extraction Rod?

The method of using the rubber extraction rod is very simple. Use the fixing ring to fix the rubber extraction rod in the correct position. The interval between the fixing rings is based on the control of the overhang, which is generally about 300-500mm. Concrete is poured, and it can be pulled out after the concrete is solidified. If you want to reduce the number of fixing rings, you can insert a certain diameter of steel bar into the middle hole of the rubber extraction rod.

When pulling out, the steel bar should be pulled out first, and then the rod body should be pulled out. If the reserved hole is curved or the member hole is very long, the method of pulling from both ends of the concrete member can be used. At this time, we must pay attention to sealing the joint tightly, and do not let the mortar pour in to form the anchor head.

Precautions for use

1.Do not pull back when pulling out, keep pulling out until all of them are pulled out.

2.Do not apply oil isolation agent on the surface of the rubber extraction rod.

3.After the rubber extraction rod has been used for a period of time, check whether there are scratches or cracks on the rubber extraction rod. If there are cracks along the axial direction, it will not affect the use. If there is a crack depth of more than 2mm along the radial direction, please stop using it.

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