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How long is the lifespan of the hydraulic hoses in hydraulic system

Released on Oct. 26, 2022

Many people wonder how long the life of hydraulic hoses is, but this is not a fixed number. Generally, when not used and stored reasonably, the lifespan of hydraulic hoses is relatively very long, almost 3-5 years. Of course this varies by hose type and hose manufacturer, and is also affected by temperature, humidity and weather in the area of storage conditions.

In most cases, we cannot accurately predict the life of hydraulic hoses, but we can ensure the longest lifespan of rubber hoses through reasonable use and storage. The following are some practices that may shorten the expected life of rubber hoses. Take care to avoid making the same mistakes:

1.The hydraulic rubber hose used is of an unsuitable size

The size of the hydraulic rubber hose includes not only the length of the hydraulic hose, but also the inner diameter, working temperature, working pressure of the hydraulic hose, etc. which involves reference items such as the flow and characteristic of the conveyed medium. If these parameters do not match the actual application, then it will shorten the life of the hydraulic hoses.

2.No protective measures are added to the hydraulic rubber hoses during use

During use, hydraulic hoses will inevitably come into contact with the surrounding environment, resulting in friction. Therefore, the installation step is critical, if the hydraulic rubber hoses are installed that tends to rub against something, occurs unnecessarily bends, or gets stuck in too little space, add a protective device like a sheath to it, or design and install the pipeline again. In addition, if the installation of the hoses is very close to the heat source or other dangers, it is also necessary to pay attention to it and take protective measures to avoid shortening the life of the hydraulic hoses.

3.Not paying attention to the safety of hydraulic hoses

Regular inspection of hydraulic rubber hoses is an essential segment. Generally, all hydraulic rubber hoses should be inspected at least once a month. There are obvious signs that the hose can no longer be used, such as cracking, blistering, loss of flexibility or discoloration, and should be replaced as soon as the problem is detected, because a ruptured hose can easily damage the hydraulic system in other parts.

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