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How to replace joints of hydraulic hoses

Released on Oct. 24, 2022

For most hydraulic rubber hose assemblies, they can withstand high pressure for a long time, but once damaged, you need to replace them immediately, especially for hydraulic hose joints, if not replaced in time, it may be great a damage to hydraulic rubber hoses and even hydraulic systems. Replacing hydraulic hose fittings is also not difficult, you can follow these steps:

1.Find where occurs the problem

The first step requires you to check and find what went wrong, find the specific area of the damage, and prepare the corresponding parts to be replaced.

2.Relieve the pressure of the hydraulic system

In order to ensure the safety of the operator, it is necessary to pay attention to releasing the pressure of the pipes, cylinders, etc. in the hydraulic system before removing the old hydraulic hose joints to prevent bursting.

3.Other accessories for hydraulic hoses need to be removed

If your hydraulic hose has other accessories such as hose clamps, nylon protective sleeves, etc., you need to remove these first, so as not to limit the operation of demolishing the hydraulic hose fitting, and to avoid damage when removing the hydraulic hose fitting. Remember the original positions of these accessories, so as to avoid incorrect installation after the hydraulic hose is replaced.

4.Remove the joints of the hydraulic hose

Hydraulic hose joints that have been used for a long time may be firmly connected, and it may be difficult to remove them. If they are stuck, it can be helped by applying lubricant. If it is a non-removable and non-reusable hose fitting, and the length of use is sufficient, you can shorten the part with the fitting and choose a new fitting to re-crimp.

5.Clean and replace

You should clean the joints before replacing them, and after cleaning and replacement, re-install the dismantled accessories, and install them in the original installation method according to the previously recorded conditions to ensure that all components of the system are in the proper position and can operate normally.

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