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How to solve the leakage at hydraulic hoses quick connector

Released on Nov. 01, 2022

For all kinds of hose joints, there is a risk of leakage. Let's analyze the reasons for joint leakage and preventive measures from different types of hose joints.

Reasons and solutions for the leakage of the flared type hose joints:

For flared pipe joints, it may be disassembled many times due to excessive flaring, or due to quality and installation failures, so that the joints of the hydraulic hoses and the hoses itself are prone to leak due to cracks. In addition, if a cone seal is used, leakage may also occur due to damage of the cone surface. Therefore, when the flared hose joint leaks, it is best to cut off a part of the hose and re-flare and install the joint. In addition, check whether the hose joint is worn. If this is the case, it should be replaced in time.

Reasons and solutions for the leakage of the ferrule type hose joints:

For the ferrule type hose joint, the leakage is mostly caused by the hydraulic hose subject to a large external force. The huge impact force makes the ferrule loose, and the two ends of the hydraulic hose will also occur deformation under the huge impact force, which in turn led to the leakage of hydraulic oil. For the leakage problem of the ferrule type crimp joint, you should first check whether the ferrule is deformed, whether the cutting edge is damaged and whether the nut is pressed.

Generally speaking, after solving the above problems, the problem of leakage also solved. In addition, in order to avoid the recurrence of leakage, check the source of external force on the hydraulic hose, and take corresponding measures to eliminate it.

If none of the above methods work, try checking for problems with the hose joint seals:

For hose fittings containing seals, it is unavoidable to check the condition of the seals. Regardless of the material, check for damage, deformation and aging, and replace if there are any of the above problems.

The above is the cause and solution of leakage at the hydraulic hose quick connector, I hope it will help you.

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