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How to solve the problem of hydraulic hoses pollution

Released on Oct. 19, 2022

Sources of high pressure hydraulic hose pollutants:

The pollutants of the high pressure hydraulic hose mainly come from the lubricating oil, dust, metal or rubber particles generated during the installation and manufacture of the hose. These pollutants are very small, only about 2-5μm, which cannot be observed by the naked eye.

Importance of cleaning high pressure hoses:

The existence of pollutants may cause blockage of the high pressure hose assembly and the connecting pump. The contaminant particles in the fittings of the high pressure rubber hose may also cause oil leakage at the fittings, which in turn leads to equipment downtime, which not only seriously affects production efficiency, but also cause unnecessary waste of time and money.

When should the cleaning of the high pressure hose be done?

Processes such as cutting, deburring, flaring, and crimping of the high pressure rubber hose can lead to the entry of pollutants, so when these operations are completed, the high pressure hose should be cleaned immediately while the pollutants are warm. In addition, for some hoses, the high pressure rubber hose should also be cleaned after each use and before storage.

How to reduce the generation of contaminants in high pressure hoses:

Since the main factor that causes hose contamination is the cutting process, try to avoid using a cutting saw with an abrasive wheel when cutting, because it will cause extremely high levels of contamination, and you should choose a cutting equipment with special saw teeth that produces less contamination.

How to clean the high pressure hose:

1. After cutting, deburring, etc., use air to blow out contaminants, or use a special cleaning cotton block for high pressure rubber hoses to blow out.

2. After the fitting is crimped, it needs to be cleaned with a high pressure washing machine, and then air dried.

3. After the cleaning is completed, the two ends of the assembly should be sealed in time to seal the high pressure hose assembly from dust.

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