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Inspection tests undergone before leaving the factory

Released on Aug. 19, 2022

High pressure hydraulic rubber hoses play an important role in many large-scale application scenarios, such as hydraulic systems, petroleum industry, and mining machinery and equipment, so high pressure hydraulic hoses must undergo rigorous various tests and inspections before leaving the factory. So what inspection tests should undergo before leaving the factory? Let me take you to find out:

1.Scope of application:

Check the application of high pressure steel wire reinforced hose according to international model standards.

2.Size Check:

Check whether the size of the finished high pressure rubber hoses meets the standard requirements.

3.Tightness test:

Under the condition of applying the specified pressure, the finished hose should be tested for tightness. Generally speaking, a finished high pressure hose should be tested for tightness three times, and each test time should be no less than one minute. If there is no leakage or other damage, the high pressure hose is qualified.

4.Length change detection:

Apply a certain pressure to the high pressure hose, if the length deformation of the high pressure hose meets the requirements after releasing the pressure, the high pressure rubber hose product is qualified.

5.Bursting test:

Apply pressure to the high pressure rubber hose according to the standard rate of pressure increase until the minimum burst pressure, it should be qualified if no leakage and other abnormal phenomena occur within one minute of maintaining the pressure, and finally the pressure should be increased until it bursts and record that value.

And finally, all test data will be recorded and signed by the recorder, and the data is true and accurate.

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