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Precautions during transportation and storage of hydraulic rubber hoses

Released on Aug. 29, 2022

Precautions during transportation of high pressure rubber hose:

1. During transportation, the high pressure rubber hose should be lightly loaded and unloaded.

2. The high pressure rubber hose should be placed neatly according to the type, avoid excessive twisting and bending, and cannot place heavy objects on the top.

3. Do not place high pressure rubber hoses with acids, oils, organic solvents, inflammables and explosives, and other corrosive liquids; do not place them with sharp objects; do not approach heat sources.

4. When transporting the hose, it is necessary to ensure that the high pressure rubber hose is not subject to friction. For hoses that need to be transported straight, if the length exceeds the length of the transport vehicle, support measures should be taken. 5. When temporarily stored in the open air, it should be placed on a flat site, and there should be a cushion under the hoses and a cover above it.

6. Heavy-duty high-pressure hoses should be loaded and unloaded with professional lifting equipment to prevent accidental damage to the hoses.

Precautions during storage of high pressure rubber hose:

1. The warehouse should keep clean and tidy, ventilated and dry at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight and other terrible weather effects.

2. It should be placed separately according to different types for easy access.

3. The hoses should be stored in a loosed state as much as possible. If it is to be bent and stored, the bending radius should be larger than the minimum bending radius of the high pressure rubber hose.

4. If the high pressure rubber hoses are stacked, generally the stacking height should not exceed 1.5m, heavy objects should not be stacked on the top, and they should not be squeezed by the external things. In addition, if the storage time is too long, it is necessary to change the position frequently, usually at least once a quarter.

5. The same as the transportation process, it should be noted that when the hoses are stored, it should not be placed together with acid and alkali, oil, organic solvent, inflammable and explosive materials and other corrosive liquids; and should be kept away from heat sources.

6. Generally, the storage period of the high pressure rubber hoses should not exceed two years to avoid affecting the quality of the hoses due to long storage.

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