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Production Process of High Pressure Rubber Hose

Released on Jul. 27, 2022

As we all know, the high pressure rubber hoses consist of three parts: the inner rubber layer, the reinforcement layer, and the outer rubber layer: the inner rubber layer directly endures the pressure and corrosiveness of the transported liquid to prevent tube leakage; the reinforcement layer acts as the "skeleton" of the entire high pressure rubber hose, supporting and strengthening the high pressure rubber hose, so that it has certain anti-pressure ability and anti-burst ability; the outer rubber layer mainly protects the inner steel wire layer from the friction and erosion of the external environment, and increases the life of the high pressure rubber hoses.

So how are these parts processed? Next, we will take you to know:

Step 1: Use a mixer to make the inner layer rubber, and use an extruder to extrude the inner layer rubber tube;

Step 2: Dry the obtained inner layer hose under natural conditions;

Step 3: Use braid or spiral process to make the steel wire reinforcement layer on the inner rubber hose;

Step 4: Cover the rubber hose with the reinforcement layer with the outer layer of rubber through the extruder again, and paste the label;

Step 5: Wrap the water cloth for vulcanization, and remove the water cloth after the vulcanization is completed;

Step 6: demolding under the action of water pressure.

Step 7: Test whether the working pressure of the finished high-pressure hose meets the conditions

Step 8: Finally, the finished products are inspected, and the qualified products are packaged and shipped.

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