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STAMPED method to choose proper hydraulic rubber hoses products

Released on Oct. 11, 2022

The following is a method given by hydraulic hose experts to help choose the proper hydraulic hose product. This method needs to pay attention to the following aspects: size, temperature, application, medium, pressure, ends, delivery, which can be referred to as STAMPED selection method.


This is the first point you should consider before purchasing hydraulic rubber hose products. It is very important to choose the right size hydraulic hose. Regarding the size, you need to know the specific values of the inner diameter, outer diameter and length of the hydraulic rubber hose. Among them, the inner diameter is the most important. The manufacturers generally use the inner diameter as the size of the hydraulic rubber hose. Generally, the manufacturers will know your purchase needs through the inner diameter and the required working pressure; and when you need to purchase fixtures such as hose clamps, you may need to consider the outer diameter of the hydraulic rubber hoses; in addition, it needs to be cut to a suitable length during use, which needs to be comprehensively considered in combination with applications and accurately measured with engineering measuring tools


You need to consider the working temperature of the application environment. Extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature will cause various damages to the hydraulic rubber hoses, which will easily cause leakage, machine damage, personal injury and other dangerous situations during work; you should also consider the temperature of the liquid to be transported. Try to listen to the manufacturer's advice in this regard.


Application factors require that you understand the configuration, routing, orientation aspect of the hose. It also includes accessories, bend radius requirements, flexibility and elongation considerations, does the installation require a hydraulic hose bend? What is the bend radius requirement? Is the environment high friction, high corrosion potential? Do you need continuity of work? Working indoors or outdoors?  The type of equipment installed, etc., are all things to consider.

The expected conditions of use must be quantified and any situation that may occur must be fully considered to avoid purchasing hoses that do not meet the service requirements.


The main job of the hydraulic rubber hose is to convey the medium material, and the medium will stay in the hoses for a long time. Therefore, the characteristic of the medium material to be conveyed determines the material of the hose. You should know the medium in your work. Chemical properties, media velocity and flow rate, chemistry and concentration, solids, description and size should also be noted.


You need to choose a hydraulic hose which pressure is higher than the maximum average pressure of the system. Generally speaking, the pressure of each component of the system needs to be higher than the average pressure in the system.


In the application, you need to crimp the joints at both ends of the hydraulic rubber hoses to connect it to the equipment, and at the same time ensure the tightness of the hydraulic system. Basically, most manufacturers will provide the service of crimping joints, you only need to consider which type joints you need. type. But generally speaking, the joint will be deformed during the crimping process, so basically it will not be reused. You need to consider cost and quality issues.


Whether as a distributor or equipment manufacturer, an inevitable question is, how soon can the merchant deliver? So you'd better consider multiple options to avoid losses due to latency.

The above are the seven considerations for purchasing hydraulic rubber hoses that are commonly used internationally. If you have any questions or related needs, you can contact us.

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