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The application of high pressure rubber hoses

Released on Oct. 22, 2022

High pressure hydraulic hoses can also be called hydraulic rubber hoses or hydraulic rubber pipes. They are generally used in scenarios where high-pressure and high-temperature petroleum-based and water-based liquids are conveyed. For example, they are often used in mining equipment, agricultural machinery, engineering construction, oilfield development, and various automated hydraulic systems.

The high pressure hydraulic hose is composed of an inner rubber layer, a reinforcing layer, and an outer rubber layer. The inner layer of rubber is made of black high-quality synthetic rubber, which makes the high pressure hydraulic hose have good oil resistance, weather resistance, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, ozone resistance, and aging resistance. The inner rubber layer also protects the reinforcing steel wires from erosion and accepts the pressure of the transmitted liquid; the outer rubber is also made of high-quality synthetic rubber, and the outer surface has two different materials: smooth rubber surface and cloth rubber surface to protect the steel wire from damage; the reinforcement layer is made of multi-layer high strength steel wire braided or wound by two production processes. Depending on the reinforcement layer's production process and the materials' composition, their application scenarios are also different.

For the high pressure steel wire reinforced spiral hoses, it has higher strength, and better compression resistance, and is more suitable for higher pressure environments. If the pressure of the liquid to be conveyed is too high, the high pressure steel wire reinforced spiral hoses will be a better choice. On the contrary, for the high pressure steel wire braided hoses, this process makes the rubber hose more resistant to bursting and more flexible.

For hoses with different inner tube materials, such as nylon resin hoses, due to the other materials, the inner wall of the hose is smoother, making the conveying liquid smoother and less likely to be blocked. This material is also more corrosion-resistant and more suitable for conveying chemical corrosion materials.

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