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Three most common abnormal states of hydraulic oil

Released on Oct. 30, 2022

Hydraulic oil can be called the "blood" of the hydraulic system. In most cases, the state of the hydraulic oil can detect whether there is a failure in the hydraulic system, so that we can find and solve the problem of the hydraulic system as soon as possible. The following describes the performance of three hydraulic oils in an unhealthy state:

There are cloudy impurities in the hydraulic oil

Impurities present in hydraulic oil can be divided into three types: solid impurities, liquid impurities and gaseous impurities. The solid impurities in the hydraulic oil mainly contain some debris, solid particles and solid impurities formed by the deterioration of the hydraulic oil; the liquid impurities in the hydraulic oil are mainly water, and also contain a small part of viscous impurities formed by the deterioration of the hydraulic oil; The gaseous impurities are mainly air;

1.If the hydraulic oil appears white turbid, this is generally due to impurities mainly composed of water and air. In this case, the hydraulic oil can be sampled and dropped on the hot iron plate. If there appear bubbles, it means that the impurities contain water, otherwise the impurities only contain air; if it can be determined that the impurities contain gaseous impurities, the hydraulic system needs to be checked for air leakage and cut off the air input source in time.

2.For the turbid hydraulic oil, you can let the oil stand still for a period of time, so that the impurities will sink to the bottom, and you can continue to use after removing it.

3.If the turbidity of the hydraulic oil cannot be precipitated by the way of standing still, it may be due to the large percentage of water, excessive water will result in the emulsification of the hydraulic oil. In this case, only by replacing new hydraulic oil can be solved.

Abnormal increase of hydraulic oil temperature

The abnormal increase of hydraulic oil temperature is mainly due to the following three reasons:

1.Safety valve pressure is too low. This will cause most of the hydraulic oil to flow back to the oil tank through the safety valve, which will result in low work efficiency and excessive load of the hydraulic system, and most of the energy will be converted into the heat energy of the hydraulic oil, resulting in a high temperature of the system.

2.The cooling system is of poor efficiency.

3.The hydraulic oil circulates too frequently in the oil circuit. It is often caused by insufficient hydraulic oil, resulting in difficult heat dissipation and increased the temperature of the system.

If you want to check the abnormal increase of oil temperature, you can check from easy to difficult.

1.First of all, you should check whether the oil in the fuel tank is insufficient. If the oil in the fuel tank is insufficient, it should be added to the standard liquid level in time;

2.Then check whether the cooling system is blocked. If so, it should be cleaned in time to ensure air circulation is conducive to heat dissipation;

3.Finally, check whether the pressure of the main safety valve is too low and should be adjusted to the standard value;

Hydraulic oil is too dirty

There are two reasons why the hydraulic oil is too dirty. First, the hydraulic oil has undergone chemical changes due to long-term use, and second, too many impurities have undergone physical changes. What we need to know is the what is the main reason for the turbidity.

A simple and practical way to find out the main cause of excessive turbidity is to use filter paper to detect:

Drop the sampled hydraulic oil onto the filter paper, and observe the formed oil halo. If the phenomenon of stratification and separation is obvious, it means that the hydraulic oil has deteriorated. In this case, the hydraulic oil must be replaced; if the oil halo spreads evenly, it means that the oil impurity is caused by excessive impurities, in that case you should check and clean the filter element, and replace it if necessary.

The above are the three abnormal states that often occur in hydraulic oil. In case of corresponding situations, measures should be taken in time to solve them. Hope this article is helpful to you.

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